Why I’m Gabbing

I have to start this blog with a confession. The majority of the experiences I have had abroad have not been from epic backpacking treks across Australia or partying in Bali. You won’t be seeing any pictures of me with a frightening tan, matted hair and a suspiciously overloaded backpack. Who knows, that may be me one day (and I kind of hope it will be!). But right now I’m happy with the memories I have of travel so far.

More of my experiences have been living abroad; my family moved to France when I started university and I’ve been sharing their discoveries of the various regions since then. And right now, I’m getting ready to move to Munich,Germany, right in the heart of Bavaria. I can’t wait, and will be sharing the details of my planning; everything from attempting to learn the language to making a living there. I’ll also be going back through my old emails and diary pages to write up some various trips in the past, particularly the summer my friend and I spent looking lost in the Balkans.

I’m a recent graduate, and I’ve started this blog not as a way to celebrate some last hurrah before I settle down into the 9-5. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I’m a writer by nature; a writer’s temperament, a writer’s desire to observe, a writer’s slight inability to concentrate on little else, and I’ve been doing content and blog writing part-time for the past three years. I’ve decided to make a career out of it, and that’s given me more freedom than any trip or travel has ever done. Mostly because it’ll give me the opportunity to do things like take a holiday, experience a new culture, and live abroad, without having to fill in a request for holiday and painstakingly pick which of those 22 days of the year to sacrifice!

So this is a chance for me to flex my writing muscles as I talk about travelling, living abroad, becoming a Ryanair frequent flyer, learning the ins and outs of airport security, and how it feels to be an expatriate. Enjoy!

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