Ich spreche a little bit of Deutsch…

Here it is – duh duh duh – my German phrasebook. I bought it at the Cut Price Bookstore in Helmsley. http://www.cutpricebookstore.co.uk/helmsleyDefinitely one of my favourite places to go when I’m in town visiting my grandparents, and I picked up the phrasebook for only £1.99. It’s a nifty little thing, very comprehensive for its size. I didn’t even know the AA did phrasebooks, but I suppose it makes sense.

My new German phrasebook, sehr gut.

The phonetic help underneath the actual German makes me sound decent enough, although I have no idea if I’d pass in conversation. I need to test them out on my friend when I arrive, who I’m sure will be polite and smile. And then I will try it on a real German who will probably stare at me blankly.

I’m hoping to be able to use it for the times I’m not with S, the friend I’ll be staying with. Maybe when I’ve moved to a café to work or I’m doing the tourist tour, which I won’t drag her round if she doesn’t want to because I’m sure she’s done it a hundred times or more with visiting friends and family. I’ve already started going around the house pointing at bits of furniture and telling my parents/sisters/the dog what it is in German.

The phrasebook is just good fun to read as well as being useful. But there are a few phrases I hope never to have to use. Either because they sound downright worrying: ‘I don’t want this tooth pulled’ … and ‘There’s someone in the car/train still’ (presumably to be screamed, pointing a finger, at a gutted train/car after a fireball accident). Then there’s just the plain weird. ‘There’s no paper in the toilet.’ …and… ‘We have to be careful about AIDS’. All valid sentences I know, just not something you’d expect to find in a phrasebook written by respectable AA people. But it’s nice to know the AA think of all activities people get up to on their holidays.

And then there’s one I hope never to have to hear…in any language: ‘You’ve got a vaginal infection’.

3 thoughts on “Ich spreche a little bit of Deutsch…

  1. I scanned through that book when I was at the bookstore last week. Yes, I’m trying to learn German, too. I have to agree, there are just some phrases you wouldn’t expect in a phrase book. In the end I bought this really cool book that does not only contain phrases but also beginner’s guide to German grammar. After 2 days, I totally gave up with the book and downloaded Michel Thomas’ audio learning material. He has a very good technique in teaching. You don’t memorize. You learn by recognition. I recommend it 🙂

    1. That does sound a helpful, I’m letting the grammar go completely over my head right now and just focusing on vocab! I think I might scare myself if I look at grammar too soon.

      Ah yes I know about Michel Thomas, my Dad tried to learn French using CDs, it went well. If I want to move up a step I might use those, thanks 🙂

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