FriFotos: Windows

When I saw that this week’s FriFotos theme was windows I couldn’t be more excited. I’m a bit of an architectural bore so I could take pictures of buildings and their windows all day. But there are other photos that need to be included here; those blurry shots out of train windows, views out of smeared hostel windows….you name it, a theme like ‘windows’ can probably cover it.

So here are a few of my window shots for FriFotos. These are mostly from my trip to the Balkans but there are a few from other adventures as well. Enjoy!

The blown out windows of bullet ridden buildings in Mostar, Bosnia
Windows lit up in a church tower in Zadar, Croatia
Reliefs around windows in the beautiful buildings of Zagreb
View out of our window as we came into Venice after waking up on the night train from Zagreb.
What can I say…Venice is just beautiful.
Looking out of the train window onto the Croatian countryside
Windows on the Oloron Sainte Marie church in Aquitaine, France
Beautiful blue shutters on turret windows in Aquitaine
Beautiful window in the Chateau de Pau
A window in a church in Munich. The tiny black spot in the top corner of the window arch is a cannon which was fired there when the Austrians invaded. After bombs flattened Munich in WWII they rebuilt the church and put the canon ball back in the same place. Got to love those Germans.
A frontage on the Residenz so that building work is obscured. Can you see the King and Queen peeking out of a window?
Old shutters on a beautiful house in Provence

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