Photo of the Week x2

I’ve decided to start doing a ‘Photo of the Week’ feature, having seen it done so well on other blogs. And now I have a new camera it’s the perfect excuse! So every Sunday I’ll be posting my photo of the week here; mixing it up with shots from the week itself to pictures from past travels. Enjoy!

This time last week I was in London without my laptop (sob) so I didn’t have a chance to post up a Photo of the Week. So I have chosen two this week, both different but under the same theme of ‘missing the sun!’ When I was in London it rained in biblical proportions, and this week in the Languedoc it’s been overcast and rainy too. Whilst the last of the vines might be happy, I am not. 

So the first photo this week is of The Cathedra of Santa Maria of Palma (aka La Seu). Overlooking the Med it represents just how beautiful Palma is. I took this on a day when Majorca was drenched in sun and my friends and I had spent the day burning on the beach. Memories of the sun are sometimes just as good as the sun itself!

The second photo this week shows what affects the weather can have on everyone. These are our cats, mother and daughter duo Poppy and Leeloo. Our cats usually spend their days basking on the terrace in the sun and spending the warm nights gutting small creatures. But when the rain clouds rolled in they find the most inconvenient places to sleep, and spend their days snoozing. Well, what else do you do when it starts to rain?

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