FriFotos: Chair

I didn’t think there’d be many I could contribute to this FriFotos theme of ‘Chair’. Turns out there are quite a few. After all, what’s the main thing you sit on whilst travelling. Yes I know they’re technically seats, but they’re chairs of a sort…

So here are all my ‘chair’ photos for this week. Most are quite abstract interpretations, but who needs literalism when it comes to photos?:

A room of armchairs, sofas and beanbags at the Emmaus in Servian. You can find out more about the amazing Emmaus’ of France and beyond in a post I wrote here.

Reflection posts in the woods around Rievaulx terrace, North Yorkshire. Vertical chairs on which to lean, look up at the sky, and ponder. Remarkably relaxing and comfortable!

Chairs are overrated in the walls of Diocletian’s Palace, Split. Find a comfy piece of the ruins itself and listen to music under the stars.

In the distance you can just about spy something odd on this tram platform in Montpellier…it’s an abandoned armchair. No idea how that got there! 

Police take up some of the chairs at a café in Zagreb. Croatia were playing an international football match that day, and they were keeping an eye on a big group of Croat supporters eating their pre-match meal behind us.

Is it an extra chair in the corner? No, it’s a sink. On the night train from Croatia to Venice.

Street performers in a square in Palma, Majorca.

An Anglo Saxon-style chair, apparently. At an Anglo Saxon village in Suffolk 

And look what  happens when I sit on a chair after not sleeping well on the night train: I fall asleep and miss the experience of being on the water in Venice.

Did anyone else do any posts based on this week’s FriFotos theme?

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