A sunny afternoon in Hyde Park

I’ve been excited to get my camera out and start snapping London ever since I landed 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance until yesterday when I went for a walk with my friend in Hyde Park. It was one of those very rare, blue-sky days in autumn where all of the colours are sharpened by the cold. The sun was out, so the Serpentine became a huge rippling mirror, and it seemed like every family in London was out letting their children run wild and feed whole flocks of geese, swans and moorhens. Although I had got a bit sick of only having countryside to photograph at home and was looking forward to having a go at something more ‘urban’, I couldn’t resist Hyde Park on a sunny day in autumn. Also who could say no to photographing cute little squirrels collecting acorns! So here are a few. I will try to get more on top of the actual travel blogging as soon as possible, it’s just all been a hectic with new job/room hunting since I arrived!

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