Making home made pizza

This is a bit of an off-piste post, but I enjoyed making pizzas so much I had to write about it. London is so expensive that sometimes you have to be more creative with what you do for entertainment. The only time my friends and I can ever go to the cinema for example is on a Wednesday; that’s when Orange do 2 for 1 cinema tickets. Suggestion to go to the cinema on any other night of the week is greeted with disgust, contempt and a suspicious glare.

But I have discovered something to add alongside two for one cinema tickets for a night of good cheap entertainment.

If you have a free evening or afternoon, and want to do something either by yourself or friends that is fun, messy but not expensive or requires going out (bar a quick run to the supermarket): make home-made pizzas!

What do you need?

–       pizza base

–       tomato passata

–       TOPPINGS

Pizza base

Pre-made pizza bases, in some cases already rolled out into a pizza-shape, are perfect for a quick and easy pizza. It takes out the need to make your own dough, which can take much, much longer. Home made dough is a good thing to try, but give yourself more time and a chance to practice first.

We bought pre-rolled, cheap pizza bases from Sainsburys (if you’re not from the UK, Sainsburys is at the medium to high end range of supermarkets in the country). They were £1 for two, so I was unsure about the quality. But that’s not a problem; slather it with as many toppings as you can and it doesn’t matter that your pizza base originally looked like a large cracker.


Spread the passata over the base, leaving a small space around the sides for the crust.


This is where you can go wild. Whatever you fancy, anything goes.

We used mozzarella, salami, artichokes, red onion, garlic, olives, anchovies . . . not all on the same pizza, naturally. Using them in different combinations over different pizzas means you can experiment with what works together.


Make sure the oven is pre-heated, then slide the pizza in and leave to cook until the mozzarella starts to bubble.

Slice up and dig in! Who needs to go out on a Saturday night?


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