Celebrating my 23rd birthday in Lucca, Tuscany

I’m coming at this blog post a little late to the game. After all, I am only about two months (groan) off turning 24. Better late than never though. So what made my 23rd birthday so great?

  1. Good surroundings

Lucca is the perfect place to spend a chilled out, kicking-around-in-the-sun kind of birthday. It’s compact and beautiful, with gorgeous tiny backstreets that whisk you away to equally beautiful parts of the ancient old town.  DSCF3217 The Piazza Anfiteatro at the centre is a perfect oval made up of creamy, yellow buildings: houses, cafes and restaurants. DSCF3227 Lucca is also famous for its Renaissance walls that encircle the burnt-red roofs. The beautiful walls are now pedestrianised walkways for locals and tourists to wander along around the old town. The grass that stretches along the path is a good place to find a shady spot and look back into the jumbled old town. DSCF3242   I’ll do another post about all of the delights of Lucca soon, but suffice to say I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to find a laid-back, beautiful town to enjoy in Tuscany. Much better than hectic, pricey Florence for instance.

  1. Good food

This point could just be the single word: ‘Italy’. And you’d understand what I mean about good food. DSCF3199We went to a little restaurant right by the San Michele church, in a gorgeous square topped by a ceiling of brilliant blue sky. We ate beautiful, simple ravioli, drank a lot of wine in the bright mid-afternoon heat, and it was a little bit of Italian heaven. DSCF3163 DSCF3161 Then, back home, my birthday cake was an amazing fruity ice-cream cake from a local bakery.


  1. Good company

 My family! Oh, and a good bottle (or two…or three) of prosecco.

Have you had a great birthday whilst on your travels? 

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