Snapshots of a coastline – Devon, Cornwall

My family has called Devon home for just over a year now. We were never one for visiting the area on summer holidays when I was a kid, bar one or two caravan holidays in Cornwall, so I never really understood the wild romanticism and the dreamy sighs were about. I’d been brought up near Scarborough, so let’s just say I’m not the first to line up to visit a British seaside town.

But my family’s new base on the border with Devon and Cornwall has given us a chance to explore the area and, well, I have to concede to everyone’s point. It’s bloody gorgeous.

So here’s a little pictorial tour of some of the parts of Devon and Cornwall that I’ve seen and loved.

View of the harbour, Plymouth.
Torpoint ferry
On the Torpoint ferry, Plymouth, as the sun sets.
St Agnes, Cornwall
St Agnes, Cornwall
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Those black spots in the waves are surfers. Crazy, one and all. St Agnes, Cornwall. 


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View from the train as it makes its way down the Devon coastline. 
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View from the train. 
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View from the train. Prettiest journey into/from London ever. 


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Porthtowan beach, Cornwall. The Blue Bar cafe here does a mean burger. 
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Bare toes, beach shadow. Porthtowan beach. 
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Rock, Cornwall. A view of Padstow across the water. 
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Sea air means you can eat as much cake as you want, especially this gluten free lemon cupcake. 
If you need to catch the ferry from Rock to Padstow, here’s the place to do it. 
Burgh island
Darmouth boats
Rain and fogs make things more romantic, I always think. Dartmouth.

Does anyone have a favourite part of the Devon or Cornish coast?

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