Things have been quiet…

…On Gabbing Away, anyway. Life has been pretty noisy. I’ve carved myself out a routine and life in London that makes me happy. I’ve travelled, my family moved back to the continent (this time Spain) about three months ago, I’m training for a 10k and I’ve been busy at work. Work’s been fun, actually. I’ve not done as much freelancing as I always hoped/imagined/planned but that’s ok. I’m going to get back to the drawing board on that soon, as well as blogging on here and writing in general. The time off this blog hasn’t been because of creative exhaustion, it’s just that I’ve been pretty content to potter along as I was. Now I have a routine set up, and this nice base created, I can start to indulge my writing. I’m getting itchy feet again and for me a lust to move on always helps with the writing. I have an 18 month plan set up to get that in motion, but for now being more active on here always helps the itch.

So here’s a pretty picture of New York from my trip in April, and here’s a toast to a new Gabbing Away.

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