What makes the perfect weekend

I’ve written this post because I’ve discovered over the years that people’s ideas of what makes ‘the perfect weekend’ vary hugely. I just read a blog post in which the blogger says she gets up at 6am on a Sunday. 6am. The only time I ever see 6am is when I wake up desperately needing a wee. And whilst reading said post I whatsapped a friend who’d been out until at least 1am drinking. I asked her if her head was hurting, and she said no and she’d been up at 8:30 to go to the gym. Hold me, I think I might faint.

It got me thinking about what makes a perfect weekend for me, and here are 6 pretty standard elements that my ideal weekends need:

1. Tea. Lots of it. Red hot English breakfast tea with my brunch, a big pot of mellow earl grey in the afternoon, perhaps some fancy herbal tea (I am obsessed with Kusmi tea at the moment). Tea is a weekend indulgence. Don’t get me wrong, I drink it during the week too, but the weekend is the time for tea to be brewed, steeped and properly enjoyed.

2. Losing track of time. Can anyone else not survive a weekday without their watch? I find it impossible. I always need my watch, which is the black agnes b beauty I got for my 21st birthday. I am always so aware of the time. Time is broken down into tiny pieces and we obsess over it. At the weekend, keeping time takes a back seat. If I do wear a watch it’s an oversized silver one from F&F, which I love because it sort of makes me look like someone off a street style blog, and doesn’t always keep the correct time.

3. A bath. Everything can be solved with a bath. It takes care of all of my worldly woes. A bubbly bath, a glass of wine, some music, and a book are the ideal combination.

4. Plans. I’m not a total slob, I do like to have stuff to do. Even if it’s just going to the shops to have a mooch. Meeting friends though are the best of plans.  It means you can fully maximise your hours of utter laziness, and then when you are done you can crawl back into bed and get reacquainted with Netflix, and it’ll feel like a little heavenly cloud. Rather than a tangled, slightly gross den you’ve been festering in all day.

5. Food. All the comfort food is required at the weekend. Because who has time to whip up something lovely and heartwarming at 7pm on a Tuesday night?

6. Domesticity. I often like using my weekend to get the boring shit done. Cleaning and changing my bed, for instance, just seems too much of a gargantuan task for a Wednesday. And what’s the point of hoovering on a Thursday?

7. Getting dressed up. I don’t mean that I sit on the sofa wearing my best pearls (I actually don’t have any pearls never mind ‘best’ ones), I just mean being able to wear all the fun, slightly less work-appropriate clothes that I love.

So these are the 6 things I always need for a good weekend. Don’t ever expect to see me up before 10am kids, and certainly not at the gym. I have tea to drink, staring longly at my fluffy clean bed, wearing oversized bright jumpers and logo t-shirts.

What do you need for a perfect weekend?

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