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CASE social media conference
Attending CASE Social media and Communities conference where I spoke on social media for a postgraduate audience.

What can I offer? 

I am a social media specialist and a copywriter who has worked across everything from publishing and fashion to education and sports. I’m not just able to put together a fantastic social media strategy and a content plan, but can also write effective and engaging online content.

Social media

My ethos is to ensure that brands have their own unique voice online backed by a solid strategy that sets them up for all the bumps and swerves of social media. KPIs, objectives, paid social, brand story, content plans – everything you need to show off on your channels. It’s not about harvesting as many likes as possible, it’s about understanding what your audience wants and speaking in a bespoke way that engages with them to achieve your goals.

Sound good? Visit my website to see what I do and find out how to work with me.




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