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CASE social media conference
Attending CASE Social media and Communities conference where I spoke on social media for a postgraduate audience.

What can I offer? 

I am a social media specialist and a copywriter who has worked across everything from publishing and fashion to education and sports. I’m not just able to put together a fantastic social media strategy and a content plan, but can also write effective and engaging online content.

Social media

My ethos is to ensure that brands have their own unique voice online backed by a solid strategy that sets them up for all the bumps and swerves of social media. KPIs, objectives, paid social, brand story, content plans – everything you need to show off on your channels. It’s not about harvesting as many likes as possible, it’s about understanding what your audience wants and speaking in a bespoke way that engages with them to achieve your goals.

What’s my experience?

I started working in social media 6 years ago as a Client Executive at a PR firm, and was given the task of monitoring mentions of a client. I realised that this world of social media looked like a viable and enjoyable field, so I started working on my skills and nabbed a couple of social media executive roles as a freelancer. Since then I’ve gained a huge range of experience in the ever expanding (and lets face it, ever confusing) world of social media. In March 2017 I was invited to speak at the CASE Social Media and Communities conference on social media for a postgraduate audience.

Since I started university and was in need of some cash, I started blogging and content writing on a freelance basis. I love to write, whether it’s chatty and informal or informative and specialist. Throughout all my roles I’ve found ways to unleash my content writing love. Newsletters, blogs, web page copy, I’ve done them all.

  • Web & Social Media Executive, London Business School.
    •  Social media strategy, paid social media strategy, social media monitoring and reporting, website analytics, CMS, channel management, content planning, social media posting, web page content writing.  
  • Web & Social Media Coordinator, London Business School
    • website analytics, CMS, channel management,social media monitoring and reporting, social media posting, web page content writing. 
  • Social Media Assistant, Hodder & Stoughton
    • channel management, content planning, social media posting, social media monitoring and reporting, CMS, community management, writing and sending newsletters.
  • Client Executive (Technology desk), Burson-Marsteller
    • press releases, media outreach, social media monitoring.
  • Social Media freelancer for Secret Sales and Austin Reed
    • content planning, social media posting, social media monitoring and reporting.
  • Freelance content writer for BUYability
    • content writing. 
  • Blogger for tennis website Grand Slam Fantasy Tennis
    • blogging.


Want to work with me? Email or tweet me @Gabbing_Away


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