Red is beautiful in Russia

Before I visited the country and did some investigating, I had always assumed that the colour red was related with Russia so strongly because of the Bolshevik revolution. Indeed the colour red was important at the time; the colour of Communism, the colour of the blood of the workers who rose up. Red was the colour of the Soviet Union.

But it doesn’t take long to realise that red is much more even than that. In the past the word for red, krasni, was also used as the word for beautiful. Today the two terms have been separated out, but this linguistic twist had a deep affect on Russian culture.

Looking back through my photos of Moscow there were so many flashes of red. On Churches, buildings, road signs, and not just at touristy Red Square. Whether blood red, rust red, or a softer pink-red, the colour just kept appearing over and over again. Here’s my red gallery.

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